Set up and development of CKHOME2U

CKHOME2U was established since 2012 and it grown to be a well-known household name for supply quality and affordable furniture until today. In today, CKHOME2U has established it own website to serve you better instead of Facebook page. CKHOME2U website created is to serve consumer with one-stop purchasing convenience.

One Stop purchasing convenience

CKHOME2U is able to offer customers a wide choice of furniture styles for any occasion and requirement. Whether it be for a new bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom suite, or even home décor accessories, materials and coatings, CKHOME2U prides itself on being able to supply professional services and advice on these areas. With such an extensive and comprehensive product choice, our customers are able to quickly and easily select their required products and move through the ordering process at the one location, saving time and effort in their selections.

CKHOME2U own transportation and logistic team

CKHOME2U employs its own transportation and logistics team rather than pass this important task onto a third party. This ensures our customers receive what they ordered in the shortest time possible. Our transport team checks all outgoing furniture against orders to ensure the correct furniture is being delivered. They are well trained in the proper and careful handling of goods in transport to ensure our customers not only receive the correct furniture, but in a timely manner and without damage.

Corporate Thinking & Strategy of CKHOME2U

CKHOME2U management and staff work together to continually improve the company and the customer service experience. A culture of trust, empowerment and continuous learning exists where innovation and creative ideas are encouraged and fostered. With this philosophy and support from a strong consumer network

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